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Field Trials - Overview

Field Trials offer practical demonstrations of a dog's ability to perform the functions for which it was bred. In Field Trials, the dogs compete against each other for placements and points toward their championships. Successful dogs earn an FC (Field Champion) title in front of their names on AKC records. Dogs can also earn Amateur Field Championships (AFC) by winning in Amateur Stakes ("Amateur" refers to the dog's handler.) Dogs with both a show Championship (CH) and an FC title earn the distinctive title of Dual Champion (DC). This title has been earned by over 600 Brittanys -- more than all the other pointing breeds combined! See the full list of Dual Champion Brittanys

The AKC has offered Pointing Breed Field Trials since 1924. Stakes (classes) are offered for everything from puppies who may have little or no training and are judged on their potential, to finished bird dogs who hunt at great range with little direction from their handler. The dogs are run in braces (pairs) around a course on which birds are released so that they can demonstrate their ability to find birds, point staunchly, remain steady to wing and shot, and, in some cases, retrieve downed birds. Most field trial dogs are handled from horseback, but handlers can choose to walk in any stake, and many clubs offer all-walking stakes or even complete walking field trials.


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