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Getting Started in Field Trials

1. Determine Your Dog's Eligibility

To enter in an AKC field trial, your Brittany must be:
• AKC registered (individually, not just the dog's litter).
• Six months of age or older.

2. Know the AKC Field Trial Rules & Procedures for Pointing Breeds
  The rules are long and sometimes difficult for a beginner to understand, but you must familiarize yourself them before you start on the road to a field trial title. If you have questions, contact an experienced field trial competitor and ask away! (Contact the Brittany club nearest you for references.)
3. Visit Field Trials
  Visit the AKC Website to search for upcoming field trials in your area. Talk to the competitors to determine the best way to observe the dogs in action -- you may be able to ride or walk in the gallery (or ride in the dog wagon if one is used), or possibly watch the dogs run on part of the course.
4. Train Your Dog
  The best way to learn how to earn field trial titles is to work with an experienced trainer/competitor near you. If there is no one close enough to you, there are books and videos available which will give you a good start (see our Reading list). In either case, this is a matter of learning by doing; you will learn more every time you run your dog, so get out and work your dog as often as you can, and visit as many field trials as possible!
5. Find & Enter a Field Trial
  Visit the AKC Website to search for upcoming field trials in your area. Contact the field trial secretary listed to request a premium list, which will give you all the information on the field trial, including an entry form.
6. Get Your Dog's Title!

To become a Field Champion, your dog must win 10 points (which are based on how many dogs are defeated when your dog wins). No more than 2 points won in Puppy stakes, and no more than 2 points won in Derby stakes, may count toward your dog's Field Championship. If your dog competes and wins in Amateur stakes, no more than 4 points from those stakes will count towards an F.C. title (more wins in Amateur stakes would lead to an Amateur Field Championship, or A.F.C.). Finally, in order to be named a Field Champion, a Brittany must also win at least one "major" (win of 3, 4, or 5 points) in an Open Gun Dog, Open All-Age, Open Limited Gun Dog, or Open Limited All-Age Stake held by a Brittany Club.


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