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Whether you want a Brittany as a pet, hunting companion, or as a competitor,
it's important to know how and where to find the "right" one.
We hope the following information will help you on your search.

What you want to do with your Brittany can help you decide where to get one. If you want to compete in shows or field trials or want a dog that is guaranteed to be an oustanding hunting companion, find a well-bred dog from a good breeder (more on what makes a breeder "good" below). If you want a pet and/or just want to compete in obedience, agility, or hunting tests, you can also consider adopting a spayed/neutered dog from Brittany Rescue or your local animal shelter.

Read more on finding the right Brittany in this detailed article: Choosing A Brittany

CAUTION: Do not buy a dog from a pet store! Pet stores get their dogs from irresponsible breeders including "puppy mills" whose business it is to produce as many dogs as possible with as little investment as possible to ensure their own profits. This means poorly-bred, often unhealthy animals with little or no socialization, who may not even be AKC registerable.

So how do you find a "good" breeder, and how do you know one when you find one? Anyone who produces a litter of puppies could be considered a "breeder". Responsible breeders plan litters with a goal in mind; hopefully, this means producing better representatives of the breed with each generation. In order to reach their goals, responsible breeders are familar with the qualities, health, and temperaments of the dogs they breed, as well as those of their dogs' ancestors. They breed dogs who have proven their worthiness (not just by being old enough to breed) and who they believe will make a positive contribution to the Brittany breed. They only breed dogs that have been cleared of genetic disorders (such as hip dysplasia, eye, heart, and thyroid disease), and they will always stand behind one of their dogs, usually with a written guarantee.

Please review more qualities of responsible breeders here.

Responsible Brittany breeders who are members of the American Brittany Club should be familiar with its Code of Ethics. You can obtain a breeder referral by contacting the regional Brittany Club nearest you, or if there is not one close to you, by contacting the ABC directly.

Please also consider adopting a Brittany that has found itself in need of a home. The best way to do this is by reaching American Brittany Rescue, which finds homes for hundreds of purebred Brittanys each year throughout the US and Canada. Many dogs of all ages, sizes, descriptions and backgrounds are available at any given time. For further information, visit the ABR web site.

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