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Hunt Tests - Overview

Pointing Breed Hunting Tests evaluate a dog's hunting abilities on different elements of pointing and retrieving. Hunting tests are non-competitive events in which the dog's ability to perform is judged against a standard of perfection established by the AKC Regulations. Dogs receiving qualifying scores at a number of tests achieve titles of Junior Hunter (JH), Senior Hunter (SH) and Master Hunter (MH); each successive title requires more skill and training. Dogs can now continue running at the same level for Advanced titles (JHA, SHA, MHA) as well. Most Brittanys with a good degree of natural hunting instinct are able to earn a Junior Hunter title with little or no training. Senior and Master Hunter titles are successively more demanding, with a Master Hunter being a finished, reliable hunting dog requiring little guidance from its handler.

Hunting tests are an ideal venue for foot hunters, as horseback handling is prohibited. Junior Hunting tests are a good starting ground for novice dogs and handlers, and an excellent way to introduce yourself and your dog to the world of AKC field events.


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