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Getting Started in Dog Shows

First, contact a local breed or kennel club to find out about conformation (handling) classes in your area. Meet with local breeders to learn how to groom and present your dog. Attend fun matches (informal shows with no championship points) and AKC shows in your area, and talk to experienced exhibitors and breeders about how to get started.

Handling classes offer the best hands-on way to practice for the show ring, while attending shows and observing can help you gain understanding of what judges and other competitors do.

If you do not wish to handle your dog yourself, or have a friend or family member do it, you may contact a professional handler who charges a fee for showing your dog.

Tips for the First-Time Exhibitor

• Make sure your dog is registered with the AKC.
• Be sure your dog is current on all innoculations.
• Join a local specialty and/or all-breed club (kennel club) in your area.
• Familiarize yourself with the AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows.
• Attend some dog shows to observe your breed being judged and how others present your breed. (Visit the show superintendent's web site during the week prior to the show to find out when and in what ring your breed will be shown.)
• Seek and apply the knowledge and experience of your dog's breeder, and/or a long-time exhibitor near you.
• Attend handling classes with your dog.
• Learn the proper techniques for grooming and for presenting your dog in the ring. (Visit brittanygrooming.com for tips)
• Don't be afraid to ask questions.

For further tips & info, contact Brittany breeders & exhibitors near you.
Visit the American Brittany Club web site, and/or join a Brittany E-Mail list.

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